Businesses that would like to register with us are required to fill out the business registration letter and can fax or bring a copy of the form on
their next visit. The form can be downloaded here.

Businesses can register multiple people to receive payment for delivered scrap.

Registering your business allows you to take full advantage of being able to sell scrap Bright and Shiny Copper and Aluminum Wire.

A fingerprint and signature is also required for all  transactions.

You must have either a state issued driver license, state issued ID, Tribal ID, or Military ID to receive monies from scrap – address on ID will be used to mail checks over $300.

We provide, at no charge, totes and bins to accumulate scrap that either you can deliver or we can pickup. And for businesses that require larger containers, for either a periodic cleanup or for regular generation of scrap, we provide roll-off containers from 10 to 40 cubic yards in size. We also custom fabricate Leak-Proof containers for customers that need to contain oil or coolant that’s commingled with their scrap, usually from a stamping or machining process.

Call us: (520)269-6853